these are the things i will miss the most.

A month ago, you wouldn't have caught me dead at a bar on a Tuesday night unless it was a friend or roommate's birthday. But nowadays, my attitude is shifting. It's not apathy or losing sight of responsibility. Instead, I'm finally figuring out that I have a pretty good handle on this whole school thing. Five years from now, I'm most likely not going to remember how arthropods begin their molting process or how many million years ago the first "fishapod" walked the earth. I'll probably forget the list of exactly which third world countries sided with the US and which sided with the Soviet Union during the Cold War. With less than 25 days left, maybe the most important thing is not staying in and striving for a solid 8 hours of sleep. Maybe the most important thing is savoring the moments destined to transform into beautiful memories that actually will still hold meaning five, ten, or fifty years from now. Moments that make me want to press the pause button and suspend time for just long enough to commit the entire scene to memory.

Moments like roommate dance parties.
BoDo's runs.
Ten cent taco night.
Free Fallin' sing-a-longs.
Overhead crowd surfers at a packed concert.
Charades in a Line.
Midnight Italian ricotta cookies.
Midnight Italian ricotta pancakes.
Adorable lost kittens.
Lady Gaga lyric screaming.
A cappella Mac photo booth sessions.
Sals 317 roommate weekend pictures.
Staying at a bar all Tuesday night until it closes at 2 AM, then simply moving the party across the street for chili cheese nachos outside 7-11.

These are the moments I want to hold onto forever, the moments I want to catch in a jar as they float like lightning bugs through my line of vision. I want to pack them safely away and take them with me to every new destination I arrive at after I leave this one.

(big thanks to maggie g. for the pictures :] )

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  1. Actually, you'll be surprised how much you DO remember 5-10-15 years from now. The point is, you'll know which memories are the important ones. Enjoy this....you deserve it!


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