oh facebook. where would i be without you? probably done with my homework, that's where.

1.) Only days left until SEND: Camden 2010. If 2009's trip was any indicator of how this one will go, it's sure to be another one of the best experiences of my life.
2.) I still run on Dunkin' most of the time, but I now also have a particular fondness for Boston Donuts on Park Ave. Khalua Creme or Almond Joy iced coffee can sometimes put hazelnut to shame.
3.) Unsure if I'm feeling up to the challenge of forgoing Facebook for forty days and forty nights another time around.
4.) Ever wonder how LCD screens work? Ever care to know? It's not all that exciting, trust me.
5.) The age of technology has put us in constant contact with one another. Sometimes I wonder if that's always a good thing. The more technologically advanced we get, the more we drift away from the simpler joys in life.
6.) Turns out Khaki-Beige Puke doesn't show up on anybody's list of favorite colors.
7.) Ever see those TV ads by Autism Speaks? The estimated prevalance of autism spectrum disorders in the US is 1 in every 110 births. This is, in its simplest form, a national health crisis. I can only hope that sometime in the next 10, 20, or 30 years, we unlock some answers to the questions "why?" and "how?" I'm sure any parent who has ever watched their child lick the swim instructor hopes so too.
8.) You turn 21, and everything changes.
9.) Oh camp. I will truly miss 36 hours of student leader bonding in the deep woods with the mosquitoes and poison ivy. Nothing says "We're in this together for the good of our fellow members of the student body" like 50 different ice breakers topped off by completing a low ropes course.
10.) First of all, barbecue sauce is now and forever will be my favorite condiment. Second, me on any sort of cold medication is bound to yield entertaining results. And if the good people of SEARCH want to know what my favorite order at Charlie's is after I've taken Alka Seltzer Plus, then by God, they are going to get a thorough answer and explanation.
11.) Sir Francis Bacon made his way into two disciplines I studied this semester. How nice of him to show up.
12.) Like all jobs, being the designated weekend night ramen cooker has its benefits and its risks. I knew what I was getting myself into when I signed up for this. It comes with the territory.
13.) By "recycle," rest assured I do not mean we played Bounce or Break off the balcony above 6R. I can neither confirm nor deny, however, if we maybe got sick of them taking over the kitchen and passed up the trip to 6men to put them in the recylcing barrel, instead shoving the bags of bottles into the dumpster outside our apartment. Don't tell Becca.
14.) We finally figured out what it stands for. Students Talking About Religious Topics. START love is easily one of the greatest loves I have ever known.
15.) Sometimes I feel like the name change might still be relevant. Other times, I feel like maybe I'm not a giant epic failure... I'm just in a learning stage.

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  1. Sometimes you crack me up--and then in the middle of laughing, I get the serious part.....you are terrific.


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